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The previous customers of Allanson Auto Body say the nicest things about our auto body repair work.  Here are just a few recent messages we received:

Recently engaged Allanson on an insurance claim, and they were excellent. Great communication, friendly staff, and superb work...
-Erik B.

Allanson Auto Body is amazing. I came in about some scratches on the side of my car that had rusted over. John was extremely honest with me about my options and offered very clear advice about the best plan of action that would fit within my budget.

Got careless and brushed my car against my garage door. Mostly swapped some paint but it looked awful so I went to Allanson for a quote. They came right out to have a look and decided to get to work on it right on the spot. They did a little magic in the parking lot then had me pull inside. Worked on it a few more minutes and suddenly my screw up was fixed. Great work but then they said No Charge!
-Frank O.

Allanson is the only place to go for your repairs. John and his crew are very professional, friendly, and especially accommodating when it comes to special needs and requests. Beautiful work. Thanks, John.
-Charles H.

While it's never fun to take your car in for service, John and staff made the experience enjoyable and simple. Would never go anywhere else! Top notch service!
-Lynsey W.

* * * * *
-Steve E.

I was rear ended in my 2015 Ford Explorer so I took it to Allanson for an estimate. Andy Donaldson (Assistant Manager) was very nice to work with and answered all my questions. Allanson's was the best estimate and the insurance company said they were on their preferred list of repair places. Every detail was handled expertly and the quality of the work they did was stellar!!!
-Eric J.